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About Us

COFFEE & NATA by BAIRRO ALTO was born to introduce to the world a unique recipe which carries the cultural, social and gastronomic values of Portugal. The Pastel de Nata

We’ve been baking fresh produce since 2002and apart from technology advancements to help make the process quicker, we’ve kept the same honest values of delivering quality, freshness and service.

Whether pastel de nata, bread, tarts or apple turnovers, each product is made every morning at our bakery and delivered to all of our shops.

Some of our team have been with us for over 15 years, their dedication and passion is one of the main reasons our products taste so good.


Our Products

The Pastel de Nata is the King of Portuguese pastries the world renowned Portuguese Custard Tart. Pastel de Nata is the Kind of our stores. Developed by monks of the Jeronimos Monastery in Portugal Before the 18th century, this tasty little treat is the favourite go to snack for the Portuguese, taken with a bica (Espresso), morning, afternoon or evening. Its popularity spread with the growth of the Portuguese Empire, as far wide as South America, Africa and Asia and pasteis de nata are now available globally, on virtually every continent.

A pastel de Nata is a custard tart, often also known as an egg tart. It comprises a crisp, flaky pastry filled with a smooth creamy custard, and is baked at a very high temperature to give it a signature caramelised appearance. 

Besides the Pastel de Nata, you can find in our stores, fresh pastry, bread, salty snacks and desserts.

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